PILOT.4LAB module Identifcation maldi

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PILOT.4LAB module Identifcation maldi

Comprehensive software for confirmation and transmission of MALDI Biotyper® identification results to the LIS and other laboratory instruments. Highly traceable application allowing optimized network use of mass spectrometry

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Product description

Network project creation

Assignment to laboratory technical units or users, automatic naming of projects, compatible with all types of plates, management of duplicates, colony isolate numbers, display of confirmed previous results. User friendly interface that can be adapted to the laboratory organization and prevents isolate errors.

Result confirmation

Automatic recovery of ID results, scores, strains, Matching Hints produced by the mass spectrometer. The lab technician or biologist can confirm or ignore results. Confirmation of ID results may be restricted to biological expertise according to the score or confidence threshold. Simplified workflow, process of systematic confirmation.

Transfer of ID results

Transfer of confirmed ID results to the LIS and all connected AST instruments as well as the paperless Scan’Bac manual input management system. Automated ID transfer for maximal time saving.

Traceability and history

Access to all previous results searched by BTS, patient, analysis number, date, project or microorganism. Recording of all user actions. Help for the laboratory certification process.

Equipment sharing – Back-up with another laboratory

The mass spectrometer can be shared between several laboratories. The software configuration can be adapted to all laboratory situations.

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Product characteristics

PILOT.4lab module maldi


MALDI Biotyper® Compass
MALDI Biotyper® GALAXY (Automated MALDI Target Preparation System ),
MALDI Biotyper®  Pilot(“Perfect Your Identification Workflow “),
MALDI Sepsityper® (Blood culture)


Windows® 8,
Windows® 10,

Transfer of ID results:

All instruments of the market

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