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PILOT.4lab is a microbiology middleware capable of connecting all your instruments and of offering a complete control solution to your process, from plate streaking devices to AST results.

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Product description

Designed to connect all laboratory instruments and collect all the results, PILOT.4lab will enable you to optimize your bacteriology analysis workflow and manage your activity on a paperless basis.

Unique software solution able to integrate all microbiology instruments present in the laboratory, PILOT.4lab is composed of the following units:

  • A connection middleware unit that allows connecting the laboratory instruments and other software.
  • A set of modules (plate streaking control; urine cytology data processing; identifications; AST results; direct examinations) designed to process the information produced by all microbiology analysis techniques.

PILOT.4lab is your essential partner at every step of the analytical process. It is a totally reliable interface, ensuring a systematic and consistent workflow, without error and fully traceable.

Plate streaking control

  • Set of multi-criteria rules for optimal selection of culture media ;
  • Management of panels and plates setting up.

Better management of consumables and their resulting costs

Urine Cytology data processing

  • Data processing and result interpretation;
  • Result expertise rules.

Only relevant results are transmitted to the LIS.

MALDI Identification

  • MALDI project creation from multiple work stations ;
  • Processing and confirmation of Bruker results ;
  • Transfer of identification results to the LIS and other instruments.

Highly traceable application allowing optimized network use of mass spectrometry.

AST results

  • Confirmation of AST results ;
  • Combination of AST results;
  • Display of direct examination results;
  • Rules for targeted AST results transfer.

A single interface to manage all the AST results from whatever the technique.

PILOT.4lab includes a middleware basic unit, which provides all modules with:

  • Possibility to consult patient files and previous results ;
  • Results history and general traceability, in compliance with legal standards for accreditation;
  • Access from multiple workstations ;
  • Sharing and back-up of equipment resources with external laboratories;
  • Multi LIS, multi instruments connections.

An expert modular solution that can centralize all microbiology data and be adjusted to your needs.

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Product characteristics


Data centralization
Simplification of the analytical workflow
Modular software solution
Sustainable solution, able to evolve and adjust to the needs
Optimized interoperability between instruments and the different interfaces in the laboratory
Open to all instruments and LIS of the market


  • Windows ® & VMware®
    (Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10, Windows® server)


  • Connection to all instruments in the microbiology market:
  • Urinary Cytology: IQ 200® (Beckman Coulter), UF1000® (BioMérieux), URISED® (77 Elektronika Kft.)
  • AST instruments: VITEK® 2 COMPACT® (BioMérieux), Adagio® (BIO-RAD), Phoenix® (BD), Walkaway ® (Beckman Coulter) and SIRSCAN® (i2a)
  • Mass Spectrometry: Maldi Biotyper® (BRUKER) and VITEK MS® (BioMérieux),
  • Blood culture: BACTEC FX® (BD) et BACT’ALERT® & VIRTUO® (BioMérieux),
  • Molecular Biology: BD MAX® (BD), Genexpert® (Cepheid)
  • Inoculation: Inoqula® (BD), Prévi Isola® (BioMérieux) and WASP® (Copan)
  • Lab automation: Work Cell & TLA® (BD) and WASP® (Copan)
  • Immuno-Analysis : VIDAS® (BioMérieux)
  • Mycobacterium culture: MGIT® (BD)
  • PCR: Abbott M2000® (Abbott), SmartCycler® (Cepheid)
  • Can interface with all types of LIS, and already installed software:
  • MYLA® (Biomérieux)
  • Scan’Bac® Paperless (3SI)
  • SIRWEB® (i2a)
  • HighFlexX® (Beckman Coulter)

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