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Software solution based on data directly collected from the laboratory instruments, INFECTIO.LABO ® combines all the functions which enable you to ensure the epidemiological and infectious follow-up of the clients of your establishment.

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Product description

INFECTIO.LABO, Software solution based on data directly collected from the laboratory instruments.

  • Collects and concentrates AST and Identification data from laboratory instruments.
  • Also able to collect and process complementary data from direct input interfaces such as Scan’Bac Paperless, or from connected PCR instruments.


System connection and data concentration

  • Real time decoding and integration of data collected from laboratory instruments or LIS.
  • Storing of data in two database systems: one designed for real time data monitoring (infectious event detection), the other one dedicated for statistical studies

Monitoring and processing of integrated data

  • Real time monitoring of data integrated in the database ;
  • Set of rules, fully configurable by the user, to detect all events of interest;
  • All integrated data can be used to write detection rules.

Communication of detected events

  • Real time alerts of multiresistant bacteria;
  • User friendly and unlimited carrying out of different reports : epidémiology reports, or reports for antimicrobiology stewardship;
  • Automatic edition of infection alerts or reports ;
  • Selection of addressees for each report.

Stastitical studies

  • Creation of all requests for official epidemiology surveillance reports ;
  • All possible data treatments : lists, crossed tables, resistance studies, epidemiology outbursts etc. ;
  • Possibility to configure specific duplicate set-up for each request ;
  • Result export under different formats : excel, html, word or txt ;
  • Automatic reports: requests executed at given time intervals and automatically sent out


Possibility to connect mocular biology instruments, PCR, Scan’Bac paperless system, etc.


Discover INFECTIO.GLOBAL, connected in HL7.

Product characteristics


  • Performing and efficient communication thanks to infection alerts and epidemiology reports.
  • Comprehensive module for statistical analyses allowing to set-up and configure a high number of automatic requests.
  • All major functionalities have been automated for maximal time saving.
  • Possibility to recover data from Vigi@ct or Vigiguard software



  • Windows® 7,
  • Windows® 8,
  • Windows® 10,
  • Citrix®,
  • RDP
  • All instruments and LIS of the market

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