ADAGIO to MYLA Connector

ADAGIO to MYLA Connector

Connect an ADAGIO ® instrument from the company Bio-Rad Laboratories with a link from your MYLA® platform from the company bioMérieux.

Product description

Our solution uses an existing MYLA® BCI.NET connection to connect one or several additional ADAGIO® instruments.This connection solution is approved by the two companies: bioMérieux and Bio-Rad laboratories. It is compatible with the latest version of ADAGIO® and its ASTM Series protocoles or XML.


Use case

How to connect ADAGIO to a MYLA system?

How can you optimize an Agar technique instrument such as ADAGIO when you already have connected liquid technique instruments such as VITEK or a MYLA concentrator?  The ADAGIO Connector range enables you to use the already existing LIS link.
Saving time, saving money, and matching the codes used in the instruments; these are the advantages of our solution, which can also connect to a middleware AST module.


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